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Freedom from many of the most

debilitating complications of diabetes.

With clinically proven Artificial Pancreas Treatment, many men and women have found a life free of the continually progressing onslaught of complications associated with chronic diabetes. Treating diabetes can be a significant challenge in itself without the added pain and aggravation of associated complications. These problems can shorten one’s life and greatly reduce its quality. Yet now patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are able to stop and some times reverse these complications, leaving them free to enjoy the quality of life they once had.

Benefits of Artificial Pancreas Treatment

The Artificial Pancreas System® treatment (APS Treatment) represents a major shift in the approach to treating advanced diabetes complications. Because the onset and progression of advanced diabetes complications are due primarily to a patient’s inability to use carbohydrates for cellular energy, the APS Treatment re-opens a critical pathway for a healthier metabolism—tissues heal, and the serious complications from advanced diabetes are halted or reversed. Read more...